Who: Walter C. Wizzle
What: An education assistant from a local university
Where: MacDonald Hall (duh!)
When: 2003
Why: to modernize MacDonald Hall with the latest in educational software - and to be a thorn in Bruno and Boots’ side!
How: (are they gonna get rid of him?) You’ll have to read the book and then watch the movie to find out!

The Wizzle War is the fourth book in the MacDonald Hall series, and is regarded by many to be the funniest installment. But did you know that the book was completely rewritten in 2003? In 1982 author Gordon Korman wrote ‘The War with Mr. Wizzle’ which centred on the grumpy EA being hired at Macdonald Hall and who goes on to institute a dress code, demerit system and psychological tests for all of the students. So why rewrite an entire book that proved to be so popular in the first place? To bring it into the 21st century of course! In the original edition of the book, Mr. Wizzle brings in a massive computer mainframe called a Magnetronic 515, which according to Elmer was the most modern computer any school could have.

In order to make the book relatable to an audience that grew up with smart phones, tablets and laptops at their desks, Korman rewrote the book so that instead of bringing in a mainframe computer, Mr. Wizzle creates his own software called Wizzle Ware in order to run all aspects of the school. But much like the original, Mr. Wizzle makes many enemies quickly, including Headmaster Sturgeon. And of course Bruno and Boots are at the centre of the mischief with the goal of getting rid of Wizzle and restoring order to their beloved MacDonald Hall.

Be sure to pick up The Wizzle War at your local library, and then see the book come to life when it airs on YTV Big Fun Movies on Sunday, July 23rd!



For over 100 years, the Anne of Green Gables series of books have attracted a huge following in North America. So much so that Anne has been played by dozens of actresses in TV and film, the Cavendish farm which Green Gables is based on is a National Historic site, AND you can buy toys and gifts of all shapes and sizes with Anne’s face on it. But did you know that Japan’s obsession with Anne is almost as intense (if not more so) than most Canadians?

It all started in 1939, when a missionary from New Brunswick was in Japan and left her copy of the original Anne of Green Gables book with a friend who just so happened to be a translator named Hanako Muraoka. Muraoka translated the book and called it Akage no Anne (Anne of the Red Hair). She held onto her translation for 13 years, until the Japanese government decided they needed inspirational Western literature to teach in schools. Muraoka submitted her translation and Akaga No Anne became an overnight sensation that has lasted until the present day. In fact, a whopping 20% of visitors to PEI and Anne themed landmarks are Japanese, and in 1986, a Japanese businessman imported $1.4 million worth of potatoes strictly because they came from ‘Anne’s island’.

Today, many Japanese people get married in Anne themed weddings and there is even an Anne Academy in Fukoka, Japan that teaches residents to speak English with a PEI accent!

Wanna read what all the fuss is about? Pick up a copy of Anne of Green Gables at your local library and be sure to tune into Big Fun Movies to see the book come to life in Anne of Green Gables: Fire and Dew on Sunday, August 20th on YTV.

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