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You've been defeated by the HORRORS!


Help Dr.Frantic and Kerblooey defeat the HORRORS! Don’t let the HORRORS get to the LIGHTNING RODs or they will defeat you!

When lightning strikes a LIGHTNING ROD, click on the rod to gather the energy into the BATTERY.

Use the energy to activate the SITEKICKS. Remember, some SITEKICKS need more energy than others. Dr.Frantic is comig up with new SITEKICKS all the time!

Move the SITEKICK in to position. Now the SITEKICK is read to BATTLE!

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The orginal! Kerblooey shows Dr.Frantic the ins and outs of Cyber Safety while patrolling the mean streets of the cyber-verse.

A paradox universe threatens the cyber-verse. Can Kerblooey and Frantic close the loop in time?

Is Kerblooey an evil dictator who forces the cyber-verse to battle to the death or is he an innocent dupe?

Only Dr.Frantic can find out.

Dr.Frantic's past catches up to him, as the cyber-verse becomes infected with holiday snaps. Featuring the debut of Kerblooey's Virtua-tank.

Sitekicks rampage across the country! Help Dr. Frantic collect the game keys and get to the safe zone before the Zom-kicks chase him down!

Help Dr.Frantic and Kerblooey defeat the HORRORS! Don’t let the HORRORS get to the LIGHTNING RODS or they will defeat you!

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